the deadline art collective
  • Father & Son Inc

    A deadline art collaboration project where Johan Bergmark brings the quiet suited gentlemen to Stockholm and directs a session with them and their fathers. This is what happened. The entire project is available on

  • Red/Sector

    When you move away from the white sector you move into an uncharted zone. Moving into red sector is about changing course, moving into the unknown. Once you move into that sector you are alone and cut off from the ordinary routine of life. This is what we

  • Off The Grid, Faroe Islands 2015

    In the 23rd installment of the SX-70 Europe deadline art project Eirik and Kristian have journeyed to the Faroe Islands. Ranging from the deep fiords in the Nor… more

  • Requiem movement II

    We are very proud to present the second movement of our REQUIEM FOR SLUSSEN project with the beautiful copy by Staffan Bengtsson (text version here) translated… more

  • Requiem for Slussen, RALF exhibition

    "REQUIEM FOR SLUSSEN" featuring SX-70 Europe (Kristian Pohl and Eirik V Johnsen), Staffan Bengtsson and Susanne Walström opened at Galleri RALF VHornsgatan 66 o… more

  • Requiem For Slussen move 2, b t s

    We went back to Slussen in may 2015 to explore the decay and ruin in more detail. Susanne Walström made the film. Annica Thomsson told the story behind the scen… more

  • Requiem for Slussen, mvt II, Swedish

    We are very proud to present the second movement of our REQUIEM FOR SLUSSEN project. You are watching the REQUIEM FOR SLUSSEN MOVEMENT II project is in the form… more

  • Where Everything Changes

    VENICE EXPRESS: WHERE EVERYTHING CHANGES is a deadline art project set in Venice, Italy exploring time and history. more

  • Requiem for slussen, movement I

    In the middle of Stockholm you find Slussen, a functionalist traffic machine that is about to be torn down so that they can "blandify" the city a bit more. Thes… more

  • Nippy Guilt

    Bruno Magazine asked to undertake a journey in a Fiat 500CC to support their upcoming «car upholstery» issue. We asked Susanne Walström to cre… more

  • Mortimer Eye

    Exploring the Atlantic highway ("Atlanterhavsveien") meandering along the coastline of Nord-Møre in Norway. The gentlemen of SX70 Europe are once again launched… more

  • Sendings And Receivings

    This is our first collaborative project. We worked together with Lavasir Nordrum in his project «Wherever You Go – There You Are» – a digital poetry project wit… more

  • Calm Like You

    After Iceland we realized that we needed new threads. We contacted Richard Anderson on Saville Row and he agreed to fit us for two suits that are optimized for… more

  • Danger Key

    Our first online project took us to Dresden in search of the visual meaning of Paal-Helge Haugens great poem «Danger Key». more